"I have invested with the Hayhoe Team for well over a decade. What I most like about dealing with this financial advisory team is the integrity that the team possesses. I always feel that every decision that is made is always in my very best financial interests. In addition to the sound financial advice the team has provided, it has also provided excellent strategies and opportunities to give charitable contributions in the most tax efficient way possible."

My association with Mike began in 2003 as a result of hearing his radio broadcast. I liked Mike's on air approach and have not been disappointed in the efforts of the Hayhoe Team since.

Specifically, Mike has introduced the following elements to the management of my funds:

  • Tax saving strategies
  • Flow through shares to reduce income to claim OAS
  • Alternative investment options like REITs
  • Full service activity such as buying & selling stocks
  • Introduction to a recommended income tax preparer
  • Timely meetings with outside investment experts

All of this is surrounded by trust in the Hayhoe Team and the resultant success in the management of my funds.

"We have trusted Mike Hayhoe with our financial planning for more than a decade and have found him to be honest, hardworking and dedicated to producing the best performance for our portfolio. His knowledge of the industry is excellent and he fully discusses any suggested changes to our investments; he would never recommend anything that he would not hold in his own portfolio. In our experience we could not ask for a better financial advisor"


Always has clients' best financial interests in mind

Weekly updates sent via e-mail re: TSX, GOLD, OIL, etc.

Regular monthly e-mail updates re: positions that we hold

Twice yearly meetings to review all the positions in our portfolio and our financial goals and suggestions are made when there are positions that are not performing as anticipated

Changes to the Hayhoe Team that are being made will provide a more diversified approach to financial planning.