Guaranteed Wins

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Oct 11, 2017

We all love guarantees. Do you remember Mark Messier’s guarantee of a New York Rangers’ win in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against their cross-town rivals, the New Jersey Devils, more than... Continue reading

Most Investors Are Insane

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Aug 04, 2017

Ok, maybe I am being a little melodramatic but, if you use Einstein’s definition of insanity, they are. According to Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and... Continue reading

Fear, Greed & Email Scams

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Apr 05, 2017

Have you ever received one of those African email scams? You know the ones, telling you about a long lost relative you never knew about who recently passed away tragically in an auto accident and has ... Continue reading

You Earned It - We’ll Help You Keep It!

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Feb 07, 2017

My mouse pointer hovered over the “Place Your Order” button. I had multiple tabs open, checking the price on 4 different sites, making sure I was getting the absolute best deal. Based on the research ... Continue reading

100 Years and Counting!

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Dec 12, 2016

Do you know what the fastest growing age group in America is today? 100-year olds! Yes, you read that right. Centenarians! There are an estimated 72,000 centenarians in North America today and in less... Continue reading

The KISS Principle and Losing $1.2 Billion

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Oct 07, 2016

Do you have any idea what this is? “A cash-settled forward purchase agreement for Citigroup shares with downside protection of a put option at the same price as the forward.” No? Neither do I and I have... Continue reading

Investment Mistakes and Nobel Prizes

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Aug 15, 2016

“In the 1950s, a young researcher at the RAND Corporation was pondering how much of his retirement fund to allocate to stocks and how much to bonds. An expert in linear programming, he knew that “I should... Continue reading

Tax - Does 99 Years Count As Temporary?

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Apr 08, 2016

Tax. What a lovely word.  It stirs the soul…or is that the bowels? Do you know the origin of income tax in Canada?  In 1917 the first income tax act was passed into law. It was a “temporary” tax to help... Continue reading

Investing Tips from the Denver Broncos

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Feb 10, 2016

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Not the most exciting game I have seen but still entertaining. It definitely proved the old adage “defence wins Super Bowls”. The Broncos held the most profligate offence... Continue reading

One For The Coupon Clippers Among Us

Published by Mike Hayhoe on Dec 09, 2015

Who among us has not driven half way across town to save $5 on a grocery item we saw advertised in the latest flyer not even thinking about the cost of our gas and time? We feel great about the $5 we ... Continue reading